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How to publish a Github action To Github Marketplace

How to publish a Github action To Github Marketplace

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Varun Sridharan
·Nov 22, 2020·

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You can publish the actions you have created to the GitHub Marketplace and share your actions with the GitHub community.

Your repository must only include the metadata file, code, and files necessary for the action.

Creating a single repository for the action allows you tag, release, and package the code in a single unit.

GitHub also uses the action's metadata on your GitHub Marketplace page.


Actions are published to GitHub Marketplace immediately without review, as long as they meet the below requirements:

  1. The action must be in a public repository.
  2. Each repository must contain a single action.
  3. The action's metadata file (action.yml or action.yaml) must be in the root directory of the repository.
  4. The name in the action's metadata file must be unique.
    1. The name cannot match an existing action name on GitHub Marketplace.
    2. The name cannot match a user or organization on GitHub, unless the user or organization owner is publishing the action.
    3. The name cannot match an existing GitHub Marketplace category.
    4. GitHub reserves the names of GitHub features.

Publishing and removing an action

You can add the action you created to the GitHub Marketplace by tagging it as a new release and publishing it, or you can remove it. Github’s documentation for publishing and removing an action is illustrative and straightforward. You can see the steps in the Publishing an action section.

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