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How To Update URL Parameters In Javascript Without Reloading?

How To Update URL Parameters In Javascript Without Reloading?

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Varun Sridharan
·Nov 9, 2020·

1 min read

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In this post, we are going to learn how to change URL Parameters on a page using javascript but without reloading the website.


When I saw websites updating their URL when loading content via Ajax. I was stunned & confused about how they are updating it.

When I tried using the below code it still reloaded the page.

location.href = '';

So I decided to dig deep to find how it was done.

I know there are some javascript frameworks such as vueJS which support url routing but I wanted to get this done in VanillaJS so that I can use it in my applications.

How it's done?

This is a very simple thing to do in VanillaJS using built-in browsers' History.pushState(). All We need to do is just update the history with the new URL & Page title

function change_url_without_reload( title, url ) {
    if( typeof ( history.pushState ) !== 'undefined' ) {
        history.pushState( { page: title, url: url }, title, url );

MDN Docs

Browser Support Status

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