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Why i choose HashNode over WordPress ?

Why i choose HashNode over WordPress ?

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Varun Sridharan
·Nov 4, 2020·

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You guys might be wondering why I preferred Hashnode as my blogging platform over WordPress, despite being a hardcore WordPress developer.

Why ?

I choose Hashnode because of below reasons.

  1. Its cloud hosted & Free of cost
  2. Supports Markdown which i am more familiar with
  3. Built in social share
  4. Lightweight & Faster

Even tho WordPress offers Hosted service for free via, and the rest of the feature that i mentioned above can be added to WordPress using some plugins, but that never going to make the site lightweight & faster.

In the early days WordPress was actually known to run personal blog and itself had a tagline "Blog Platform" . currently WordPress seems to be a platform where any kind of website can be created using WordPress itself as base.

This doesn't mean i hate wordpress.

i still ❤️ to use WordPress & will be developing plugins for it.

What i love about Hashnode ?

I love many things about Hashnode. it offers everything built & reduces the time it takes to setup a personal blog site

I mainly like the support for Markdown Editor. as a open source developer who mainly works a lot in GitHub repositories and writing, wiki using Markdown. using the same Hashnode will make things even more easier.

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